The Sculpt Method - taller, leaner, stronger

During Lockdown, The Sculpt Method has helped hundreds of women (and a good few men) across the UK and beyond, change the shape, tone and strength of their body. Read below to understand how this revolutionary exercise programme has worked its magic!

What is The Sculpt Method?

Sculpt is the incredibly effective, total body, non impact exercise discipline dedicated to transforming a woman’s body shape and producing a lean, elegant, strong and aligned physique.

Sculpt is unique and created by myself, Lynsey McDonald. I’m a Personal Trainer, Biomechanics Coach and ex gymnast and through my experience of exercise and wellness, I created a strict, tried and tested formula within Sculpt to give maximum results. Using three ranges of movement within each exercise, my students work deep into the layers of their muscles - tightening, lifting and strengthening them.

These are tiny pulses, 1/2 range movements, and full range functional movements.

 As Sculpt is completely non impact, there are no jerking or bouncing movements. It has been commented that the Sculpt exercises look effortless, but ask any student and they will tell you it only looks easy! The movements are simple in their design but are incredibly powerful, and students feel their muscles working and tightening within minutes.

So effective is The Sculpt Method formula, that many students lose inches around their waist, thighs and bottoms after only 8-10 sessions.

 “After just 10 classes, Ive lost 1.5 inches around my thighs”  Roxanne Jane

“My arms feel leaner and stronger. Bye bye bingo wings!” Sonia Kearns

“No other class concentrates on the waist area. I love how much tighter mine looks and feels” Claire Parsons

 The Sculpt Stretches

 Another key part of The Sculpt Method formula are the stretches. After completing each exercise, the muscles are deeply lengthened. This is when they are at their warmest and most pliable; thus improving the body’s flexibility, mobility and posture.

 I firmly believe this method is much more effective and beneficial on the body than stretching at the end of the class when the muscles have cooled and stiffened.

 Many of the stretches are ones used by gymnasts and dancers to stay as flexible as possible. Incorporating these stretches into Sculpt gives every woman - no matter their age or ability - the chance to feel and look as mobile, supple and elegant as possible. 

 “I can’t believe how much my flexibility has improved. I’m nearly in the box splits!” Sophia Ktori

 “I look like I’ve grown 2 inches taller because my shoulders aren’t so rounded!” Pauline Brookes 

 Sculpt is Safe

 In all Sculpt exercises, the emphasis is on technique and form and no strain is ever placed on the lower back, neck, knees or any other area susceptible to injury. The aim of Sculpt is to build strong, lean muscles around the joints; providing your body with the stability needed to improve pains that may have hindered your day to day life and exercise progress for years. The Sculpt exercises are so gentle and effective on the joints that have been endorsed by Oestopaths, Physiotherapists and Biomechanics experts. 

“I highly recommend The Sculpt Method. The formula Lynsey has created is very effective in strengthening, mobilising and stretching key areas of the body (core especially), which in turn helps reduce lower back pain.”  Hugh Marriott, Oestopath 

 “Ive broken 38 bones in my body, including my back in 5 places…..Along with my Oestopath, Sculpt is my lifeline. It keeps me fluid…I can move easily and even run!” Sandra Ajax

“I haven’t had back pain since I started Sculpt at the beginning of lockdown.” Lucy Barlow

 Sculpt can be practised anywhere 

 One of the beauties of The Sculpt Method is that the exercises can be done anywhere, will little or no equipment. No gym is required, no heavy weights, no ballet barre. 

 In fact the most that is needed is a mat, a couple of light weights (or tins!), a cushion and a chair. Oh and a smile!

 Sculpt is not just aesthetics 

 Yes, The Sculpt Method will give you an incredibly feminine, elegant body shape. Yes you will tone and lift your muscles to levels greater than you  thought possible - but there are also other advantages to the method. 

 Sculpt will:

  • Increase sporting performance through improving misalignment, glute activation and effective stretching 
  • improve balance through specific single leg balance exercises
  • increase the muscles strength around the joints
  • aid rehab for joint injuries and muscle weakness
  • improve core strength through intense abdominal exercises and pelvic floor strengthening
  • help alleviate lower back pain through core strengthening, stretching and glute activation
  • help joint pain and stiffening resulting from menopause 

 “I can’t believe how much stronger and more aligned I feel when I run.” Jo Gilbert

 “I’m now 3mph faster on my 30 mile bike ride.” Ivan Brotherton

 “After I broke my leg skiing, I used The Sculpt Method as my rehab to build strength back in my leg.” Mike Rushby 




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